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some new measures have had to be introduced such as social distancing, but you can still order items featured on the website including animal feed. Just contact David Conchie at the number shown below, to arrange a purchase, mail order, a collection or there is a delivery service being offered, at a small cost, to addresses within a 10 mile radius of Rowanlea.  Call David during the day, 7 days per week, on the number below for more information or to arrange a purchase or click on the button.

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extreme isolation

Mary James, one of the Senior horse carers, is an early bird and likes to get down to the yard at around 6 am to see to her horse, Bailey, and maintain social distancing.

However Mary managed to lock herself in the stable. Luckily she had her mobile phone with her so was able to call for help from the local 'locksmith', David Conchie, to come out and release the

Despite a slight relaxation in the rules for social gathering Riding Schools have still not been given the go ahead by either the Government or the BHS so the riding school is still closed to the public and for lessons.

Only Staff and horse or pony Carers are permitted to be in the yard and only for a limited time at each visit to maintain social distancing. NO friends or family or children are permitted to accompany the horse or pony Carer in the yard. If there is anyone else accompanying the Carer they should stay in their vehicle or in the car park and NOT come into the yard where others might be working.

Please respect the above and also abide by the rules of the Government in continuing to aid the control of this virus.

imprisoned Mary. Bailey was quite unconcerned and continued with his breakfast. Mary was just happy to get an early release from her 'Locked in'  isolation.

2nd January 2020 Trek marks the start of 55th Anniversary Year

The Annual Rowanlea 2nd January Trek had a special significance this year as it heralded in the 55th Anniversary year of Rowanlea Riding School, founded in 1965 by David Conchie Snr. and carried on today by his daughter Irene and son David Jr.

For the past few years the Annual Trek has raised money for a local charity or good cause and this your the proceeds from the Trek are going towards the provision of another public defibrillator in the area.


This year 35 horses and riders took part in the event which raised £360 towards a defibrillator. The after trek food and commemorative rosettes were provided by the riding school. Kind weather made the whole event more enjoyable for the participants as there was some concern before the start but all worked out well in the end.

The photo opposite shoes David and Irene Conchie setting out on the trek from the stables. Click on the link button to see more images from the 2020 Trek.

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