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Equestrian Business

of the Year 2017

awards 2017

At the annual Horse Scotland Awards on 3rd March 2017 held at the Westerwood Hotel in Cumbernauld, Rowanlea Riding School, was awarded Best Equestrian Business 2017. Irene Conchie, the daughter of David Conchie senior, widely known as Mr C, received the trophy from Dougie Weir the former Scottish Rugby Captain to much applause from the audience. Nominated for the award by the British Horse Society in Scotland which has been involved with the riding school since the early days at Barry and has supported it through the years. Many in the audience had not realised that Rowanlea has been in existence for 52 years,


Irene Conchie said that she was really surprised but absolutely delighted to receive the award in recognition of the progress and development which the riding school has made over the years and the contribution it has made to making access to riding and equestrian activities over the years in a safe and friendly environment. Tribute was made to her father and brother, David, who between them all had brought Rowanlea to where it is today.

Rowanlea took the award from nine nominations in the category from all over Scotland. Horse Scotland is the national body which oversees all equestrian activities in Scotland so the award is very meaningful and will help to further enhance the name and what Rowanlea stands for.


This is a great honour for Rowanlea and recognises the extent to which it engages with riders and non-riders of all ages and continues the philosophy of MrC to make riding and equestrian activities available to as many people as possible.

Top right - Irene receives the award from Dougie Weir
(photo by Scottish Field)
Right - Irene and Alan Garratt who has been in involved with Rowanlea since it started in 1965
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