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Proficiency Awards

The Equitation Awards have been designed for candidates to progress through Equitation Level Awards then on to the Advanced Equitation Awards with each of the awards demanding more riding competence and knowledge than the previous one.

These Awards have been developed in line with the normal process of progressive instruction at Rowanlea and a rider’s development and progress from a beginner through to a competent independent rider.

The Equicare Awards are designed to increase the knowledge and ability of those looking to know how to look after a horse or pony and one capable of preparing and caring for a horse/pony at a competition. At all stages of the Proficiency Awards, safety and security are paramount for the rider, instructor, the horse/pony, staff and any public on the premises.

The Helper Awards are for those who act as helpers in and around the school as well as supporting the instructors and the beginners. Helpers are invited to participate in the three grades of Helper Award, starting at Grade C, Grade B then on to Grade A.

Before anyone can attempt any Proficiency Award examination they have to register for the Proficiency Awards Scheme and pay the registration fee which includes, a pack containing the requirements for all the Proficiency Awards except the HELPER Awards.

When a successful PASS has been achieved at any Proficiency Award level a personal certificate will be awarded.

These Awards can act as a good foundation for those who might wish to pursue a career with horses in the future 

The Rowanlea Riding School Proficiency Awards comprise, the Equitation Level Awards, Advanced Equitation Awards, and CARE Awards, Equicare Awards and Helper Awards. Participation in any of the Proficiency Awards is completely voluntary

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