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All new riders are required to complete a Registration Form before having their first lesson.

You can download and print a copy by clicking the button below and complete it prior to attending the school, alternatively a form is available at Rowanlea from the Conchie Saddlery shop.


By completeing and submitting this Registration Form either for yourself or on behalf of anyone else or someone under the age of 16 years of age, you agree to comply or ensure that they comply, with any Rules, Regulatrions or Terms and Conditions, or Notices which my be in force or come into force from time to time for attendance at Rowanlea or participation in riding or any other activity carried out at Rowanlea Riding School or its property.


Minimum age is 5 years of age. Children 16 years of age and undershould have parental supervision at all times when attending Rowanlea RIding School Maximum rider weight 13 st- 83kg - 182lb

NOTE - Only rfiding hats or helmets which comply with PAS 015 2011 or SNELL E2016 standards should be worn when at Rowanlea.  

If you use one of our Riding School hats then you do not have to worry as they meet the new standards

Any information provided on the Registration Form will be held securely and not disclosed to any third party unless in an emergency.

Pleaase keep contact details updated to ensure current information is available for use in case of an emergency.

Rider Registration Form

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