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New Year Charity Trek January 2nd 2017

The 52nd annual New Year Trek from Rowanlea took place as always on 2nd January 2017. Following a tradition which started with Mr Conchie in 1965 when he started the Riding School some 30 riders  took to the back roads and tracks around Barry to celebrate the New Year.
As the participants were private horses and ponies it was decided to have the trek as a Charity Trek in aid of The Brae Riding for the Disabled Centre in the area and £120 was raised for them as a result.
Usually there are between 70 to 80 horses and ponies riding out but for Health and Safety reasons only the privately owned liveried horses could take part this year. In the past the police have provided traffic control on the main roads and in the towns but this service was not available this year hence the limited numbers.
Despite the smaller numbers well turned out horses, ponies and riders saw in the New Year in dry and bright weather although a bit on the chilly side but warmed by hot punch when they had attended to their horses. 

Recognise any familiar faces ?

New Year Trek at Milton Hotel in the 1970's

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