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Congratulations to all  who gained awards

Proficiency Awards - Results

Examinations held 12th and 13th November 2016

Equitation Level Award

Level 1 to 4 and Initial Equicare 

Abigail Anderson

Amelia Twine

Amy Brown

Ane Van der Deyl

Ann Margaret Whyte

Ava Adams

Ava Kirk

Bradley Wishart

Chelsea Malone

Daisy Thirde

Eve Gorrie

Eve Simpson

Eve Taylor

Freya Wilson

Hayley Morris

Heidi Thirde

Isla Gorrie

Jack Dewar

Kingsley Whatley Mulhearn

Kirsty Pullar

Leah Whelby

Louise Stewart

Lucy Scott

Maia Parker

Owen Morris



Equicare Jade

Abbie Kelly

Nisha Ahmad

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