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Outreach Day - Talking Tack

Around 50 delegates attended a BHS Outreach Day at Carnoustie and Rowanlea Riding School on Thursday 26th April. The day started at The Station Hotel in Carnoustie with talks on aspects of tack, bits and bitting and the need for properly fitting tack to maximise the performance of the horse and rider as well as the comfort of the horse and rider. The talks were lead by Helena Mochlin, the BHS Scottish National Manager. followed by Dr Caroline Benoist and Jane Faulkner.

In the afternoon Rowanlea hosted the practical demonstrations and workshops with Dr Caroline Benoist starting the session talking about how to get the correct fitting of saddle and its proper fitting to produce the best results and the kindest for the horse taking account of the wide range of the latest designs of saddles available.

Jane Faulkner, a Veterinary Physio took the demonstrations forward showing correct fittings of bridles and head collars and the need to have a head piece and browband which fits the shape and contours of the horse's head especially behind the ears. Narrow Headpieces can cause additional poll pressure and discomfort as can headpieces which are too wide which can causer irritation to the ears.

The afternoon finished with an open discussion after which everyone had the opportunity to look round the yard and visit David Conchie Saddlery which stocks a wide selection of saddles, bridles, clothing and other horse accessories. click here to visit the Saddlery shop on line.

​A big thanks should also be given to Keri Conchie who provided and prepared her pony Dunny for the demonstrations and was an example of such a well mannered and behaved pony throughout the whole afternoon  allowing the demonstrators to provide the maximum benefit to the audience.

Helena Mochlin on behalf of Tha BHS thanked all those who had contributed to make the day such a success and that she and the BHS dwere delighted with the turnout on the day and the facilities offered to those who attended by Rowanlea Riding School.

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