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BBQ   marks end of  Summer   activities

An evening barbecue in August marked the end of the 2017 Summer training shows and activities. Around 100 people attended an evening of food and games held in the indoor school which had been especially decked out for the occasion

The barbecue was sponsored by MAXIBELLS of Carnoustie and all agreed that it provided the best accompanyment to the evening's games and activities. Rosettes and trophies were presented during the course of the evening to all those who had participated in the series of training activities and had contributed to the fun over the Summer. A huge thanks has to be given to Irene, her staff and volunteers for all the preparations and work not only in organising all the training shows and events but also the barbecue. 

See more pictures of the night by clicking the button          and read more about Maxibell on their website by clicking on the Maxibell image

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